It seems like every time the Texas legislature gets together, we see another constitutional carry bill introduced that would eliminate the requirement that Texans have a permit to carry a handgun either openly or concealed.

Will this be the year such a bill passes?

KXAN-TV reports that House Bill 1911 would make it legal for all Texans 21 or over to carry without having to go through firearm training or a standard license.

Supporters say the legislation would remove roadblocks to citizens' Second Amendment rights and prevent everyday gun owners from being treated like criminals.

Critics say it would remove safeguards meant to ensure that responsible people are carrying firearms and might lead to more gun violence.

According to the Texas Tribune, Texas would join 18 other states with permit-free carry if the legislation made it into law.

Earlier this year, Governor Greg Abbott expressed support for Texas House Bill 112 and Texas Senate Bill 541 - so-called "Second Amendment Sanctuary" bills that call for withholding money from state funded entities in Texas that try to enforce any federal gun restrictions passed after January of 2021.

Abbott's enthusiasm for such legislation seemed to be sparked by the efforts of Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee's efforts to pass a federal bill banning anyone under 21 from purchasing a firearm and enact other gun and ammo purchasing restrictions.

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