There is an effort underway to legalize marijuana and gambling in Texas. Now magic mushrooms are also being talked about. How do you feel about that?

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Suicide rates among U.S. veterans continue to rise. Many believe that with the help of "magic mushroom's", these numbers can go down.

Magic Mushrooms


What is a "magic mushroom"? The magic refers to any mushroom that causes hallucinations when eaten. Technically they're called psilocybin mushrooms, but many just refer to them as magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms. You might have even heard them called shrooms. they all refer to the same thing.

Are Magic Mushrooms Against The Law in Texas?

Yes! Currently magic mushrooms are against the law in the state of Texas and classified as a controlled substance. Having them could be punishable by a stay in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. But, work is underway to legalize magic mushrooms as a form of treatment for depression.

Veteran Suicide

Research shows that in Texas, about 10 veterans a week on average commit suicide, prompting organizations and veteran advocates to get Texas to look at other forms of treatment to slow these numbers and offer these veterans some help.

Many believe that the use of psychedelic medicine, like mushrooms, can do just that.

According to KRQE News, legislation passed in Texas last session that would allow alternative therapies for veterans. Dell Medical School at The University of Texas Austin will start a program that tests veterans and mushrooms as part of the Psychedelic Research Therapy Center.

Treating Depression with Mushrooms

There are some major universities like Johns Hopkins University, UC San Francisco, and UC Berkley that have already done research and have found that psychedelics do help with treating major depression, which studies have shown are linked to suicide.

This Is a Hometown Issue for Us

With Fort Hood right in our backyard, this is definitely an issue that Central Texans should follow closely. As a military community, we want to make sure we're watching out for our vets and ensuring they have everything they need to help keep them healthy and safe.

Could "magic mushrooms" play a part in that? The research seems to suggest so, so let's keep an open mind here. It could save the lives of some of our best and bravest.

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