Someone in Belton must have picked up a lucky penny and used it to scratch a lotto ticket, because they ended up winning a million bucks.

Luck of the Tiger

The folks at the Texas Lottery tell us a Belton resident has claimed a $1 million prize from an Instant Millionaire scratch-off ticket.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

Guy Incognito

The winner has chosen to remain anonymous, and I don't blame them. The second you announce something like this, every cousin you haven't seen in years and all the casual acquaintances you met in high school will come out of the woodwork to hit you up for cash.

Where'd They Buy It?

They couldn't' tell us the winner's name, but they did tell us where the scratcher was purchased: LC Sarah Mart, 608 E. Central Ave.

Does the LC stand for "lucky catch"?

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More Millions Out There

We're told this is the 32nd of 40 $1 million prizes available from that particular scratch-off, so there are still 8 out there waiting on someone with a little extra luck. Hopefully that's you.

Wait a Minute...

You know, this reminds me of something. Did anyone ever claim that $225,000 winning lottery ticket that was bought at the H-E-B in Belton back in August?

I sure hope so. I mean, they have a few months to come forward, but imagine losing the ticket before you could get your hands on that cash.

Will the Luck Run Out?

It seems like Belton's a lucky spot at the moment.

These things always seem to come in threes, so I'll be watching for someone else from Tiger Country to win big soon. After that, maybe some of that luck will drift over here to Temple, or out to Killeen.

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