If you love working outdoors and keeping active, Ashley Cooper and Lee Bullock with the City of Temple Parks and Rec have the perfect job lined up for you.

They stopped by our studios this week to talk about openings you can apply for right now, including openings for a horticulture team leader, horticulture crew positions, and an aquatics maintenance technician. There are a number of other positions open as well, including mowing technician and construction jobs.

The application process is easy. Head to templetx.gov/jobs to submit a resume and fill out some forms, and the City will be in touch. Whatever your level of experience, you shouldn't be shy about applying. If you need a little more training, they'll provide if they feel you're the right fit for the job.

Check our interview with Ashley and Lee below, then head to templetx.gov/jobs to kickstart your new career today!

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