Sometimes an idea to honor and benefit our veterans is so cool and profoundly moving that your eyes tear up a little. That was certainly the case when I came across this story.

The Military Times reports that statues representing veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard have been lowered into the Gulf of Mexico as part of a monument titled the "Circle of Heroes".

The monuments now rest 40 feet below the surface 10 miles off the coast of Dunedin Beach, Florida in a 100-foot circle around a pentagon-shaped monument. Each side of the pentagon features a bronze emblem.

Why put a monument like this so far under the water? Well, that's the really cool part.

The monument was designed to be a dive destination for veterans with PTSD, depression, and trauma, as well as amputees who've served our nation. A non-profit group will lead teams of veterans on dives to view the statues.

I love that. The monument not only pays tribute to our soldiers, but will function as a way to help them heal and experience a new accomplishment after they've served. How awesome is that?

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