Strong storms blew through the Central Texas Sunday, causing damage to some homes in the area and leaving plenty of people rattled.

Copperas Cove Fire Department told our partners at News 10 that damage was reported on the west side near Big Divide Road. No injuries were reported, but there was plenty of damage around the Central Texas area.

Emergency crews reported needing to ask spectators to back away from damaged areas so they could do their jobs. It's fine to go out and survey the mess, but keep in mind that you should move over and let first responders do their thing to ensure everyone is safe.

All across Central Texas there were calls about debris, downed power lines, and hail from the storm that that hit the area. Amateur video shows just how crazy things were on the ground.

Warning: Some NSFW Language

Groesbeck Police Department reported that the metal roof of the Groesbeck Independent School District Care Academy building that's located on South Ellis Street had its roof blown off by the strong winds of the storm. The roof that lies under the metal one was still intact.

The storm that hit the area Sunday left between 3,000 to 5,000 Central Texas residents without power. In some areas, electricity was still being restored late Monday morning.

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