Ever been cut off by a driver? How about somebody flipping you the bird for whatever reason while you were driving? Chances are both of these people reside in the Great City Of Copperas Cove, Texas.

Who Says So?

The website Insurify compiled a database of over 4 million car insurance applications to identify the states with the rudest drivers.

Of those 4 million people, the website's researchers asked who have failed to yield violations, stop violations, passing where prohibited, hit and runs, and street racing.

Well, Texas didn’t make the top 10 states of rude drivers, but the city of Copperas Cove is the city in Texas with the rudest drivers according to the data.

States With Rudest Drivers

According to the site, these states are the rudest in America:


Consistently The Rudest

Our friends in Virginia stay consistent with their rudeness. For the past two years, they’ve remained at the top spot of people who just don't know how to share the road like civilized human beings.

Why So Rude?

Factors include failing to stop at signs,  improper backing, passing where prohibited, street racing, hit or runs, and failure to yield.

The most common rude violation is not stopping at a red light or stop sign.

The City With The Most Rudest Drivers

Copperas Cove may be beautiful when you drive through, and it is the home of several former NFL players. If the data's to be believed, it's also just full or rude drivers! LOL

Remember earlier this summer where a Cove Cop was arrested after shooting at a motorist?

Every 30 drivers per 1000 drivers are cited for rude behavior, and 53% makes it ruder than the state average.

What Do You Think?

Did the folks at Insurify get it right, or is Copperas Cove being dragged through the mud here? If they're wrong, which Central Texas town do you think should have topped the list?

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