Last week, we told you about Susan Mize, a 17-year-old girl from the Houston area who set up a friend to be carjacked and robbed. Well, turns out she was THIS close to signing a modeling contract.

First, a quick refresher. Police say Mize offered to pay a friend for a ride from Spring to Houston earlier this month. She asked her friend to stop at a park and pick up two other friends. At the park, two teenage boys armed with a gun and a knife carjacked the driver, tied him up, robbed and beat him, then forced him to withdraw money from an ATM.

It just goes to show that beauty is only skin deep.

Police at first thought Mize was a victim too, but became suspicious while interviewing her, and now believe she set the whole thing up and considered her friend an easy target. She and one of the teen boys have been charged with felony aggravated robbery. Charges were pending against the other teen suspect.

While following up on this story Monday, we found an article from revealing that Mize was an aspiring model who was on the cusp of being signed by an agency.

On her Instagram profile, Mize claimed to be represented by Explosion Model Management. Turns out she actually was being scouted by the company.

Explosion founder Melissa Garner told Heavy Mize hadn't yet been signed, but probably would have been.

"I had met with her on the 14th before this all happened to see if she would be a good fit," Garner said. "It came as a shock to me when I found out what had happened because she seemed like the sweetest girl. I’m very sad to hear about the carjacking story.”

Garner said she was very interested in Mize, and that the girl would have made a great model.

Too bad she couldn't be a model citizen. It just goes to show that beauty is only skin deep.


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