Police in Montgomery County believed the 17-year-old girl in the mug shot above was one of two victims of a recent kidnapping and robbery, but eventually learned she that she was most likely the mastermind.

According to the Houston Chronicle, authorities were initially called to an HEB in Spring in response to a robbery report. When they arrived, dispatchers advised that two alleged victims were being interviewed at separate houses in Harris County.

The first victim said he and a friend, Susan Mize, were robbed, and that he was carjacked, tied up, and kidnapped before being forced to withdraw money from an ATM at the HEB.

While police were interviewing Mize, they became suspicious and eventually learned that she'd set up the entire encounter.

Mize allegedly called the victim and offered him money to give her and two friends a ride to Houston. The victim picked Mize up and then drove to a park in Montgomery County to pick up two teen boys, ages 16 and 17. When the victim arrived at the park, the masked 15-year-old allegedly pulled a handgun and ordered the victim to get in the backseat. The 16-year-old allegedly threatened the victim with a knife and tied the victim up with Mize's shoelaces.

The victim was reportedly struck several times, then forced to withdraw money at the HEB before being dropped off at his home.

The alleged robbers fled in the victim's car and were later captured.

Police say they later determined that Mize set the encounter up, believing the victim to be an easy target. The original plan was to simply take the victim's wallet, but Mize says the other conspirators took things further. Mize and the 16-year-old have been charged with felony aggravated robbery. Charges were pending against the 15-year-old.

Boy...with friends like this...

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