UPDATE: FOX News has identified the suspect as 20-year-old Akayed Ullah of Bangladesh. He's reportedly a resident of Manhattan. FOX cites a report from the New York Post that Ullah was inspired to carry out the attempted attack by ISIS, and that he built the explosive at the electric company at which he works.


#Manhattan. The A, C and E line are being evacuated at this time. Info is preliminary, more when available.

A man suspected of attempting to carry out a terror attack at a busy New York City subway hub was hospitalized Monday morning after an explosive device strapped to his body reportedly detonated early.

The New York Times reports that an explosion occurred in a tunnel connecting the Times Square and Port Authority subway stations at 42nd and 8th in Manhattan shortly before 7:30 AM EST.

Police said a suspect was taken into custody at the scene, and had to be stripped naked in order to remove the remains of an explosive device attached to his body. They have not released the suspect's identity, but said he has been taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition.

CBS News reported that four people were injured at the scene of the explosion.

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