Have you been wondering what happened in Copperas Cove at the 1300 block of E Avenue D over the weekend?

Four vehicles were involved in the crash in front of 'Creative Cakes and Snacks' that left the building uninhabitable. According to Copperas Cove Leader Press, the damage has resulted in the business having to be closed indefinitely.

What Was Damaged?

When the truck hit the wall, it split the front wall, damaged the walk-in fridge, knocked out power in the front of the building, wiped out the bathroom, and also partially destroyed a display case.

Also, due to the damage from the impact, there is no power to the freezer. To make matters worse, owner Salima Truth said that they had just received a large shipment of ice cream the day before.

KWTX is reporting that the cause of the accident may have been due to one of the drivers involved having a medical issue, although police are still investigating the incident. As the vehicles collided on the street, a truck left the road and then hit the building. Two people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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In the meantime, 'Creative Cakes and Snacks' will remain closed until it is deemed safe after repairs can be estimated and completed.

How You Can Help

Salima and Know-Ledge Truth have set up a Go Fund Me to raise money as they wait for the building to be repaired and their business to reopen. So far, they have raised $670 of a $4,000 goal. 

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