Central Texas has a lot of wonderful properties for sale or rent.

If you’ve been following me I have featured beautiful houses and Air b n b's in the city of Temple and also the beautiful houses and Air BnB's in Killeen.

But I have not touched the beautiful city of Copperas Cove Texas…,

Until now!
Copperas Cove, the 97th biggest city in Texas According to the U.S. census has almost 37,000 residents.

Cove boasts a wonderful 18 hole golf course with seven parks.

Being from Chicago also knowing that Cove is the birthplace of great football players like Peanut Tillman who played for the Chicago Bears and Robert Griffin III who played for both the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens.

Copperas Cove is also home to many beautiful houses!

While on the website Zillow I found 5 breathtaking houses that caught my attention and are sure to catch yours too.

Some of them may be a little out of our pay grade, some may not be.

I am aware you may just have a few million dollars just lying around for such an occasion like this, so here ya go!

Let’s check out a few beautiful Copperas Cove houses after all Cove I didn't forget about you!


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