Veteran Fired
A 70-year-old Army vet was fired from a Pearland Home Depot after violating a company policy prohibiting non-security personnel from from pursuing shoplifters.
CID Agent Death
The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command is investigating after one of its agents was found dead on Fort Hood Sunday night.
Fort Hood Death
Fort Hood officials have released the name of a soldier who was fatally injured in a car accident on South Range Road, Saturday, January 7.
Honor Two Vets
Central Texans are encouraged to attend the burial of two Army veterans who will otherwise be unaccompanied at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery Tuesday.
Fort Hood Makes Wall Street Journal For “Right To Bare Arms”
It's not often Fort Hood makes it into one of the national newspapers for something as seemingly ordinary as rolled up sleeves on a hot Texas day. But there they are in the Wall Street Journal, not only a picture of some of our brave soldiers but one of the Journal's signature etching depi…

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