If you're in the Houston area, do yourself a favor and head down to League City to the Red Oak Cafe. Your tastebuds will thank you.

The owners of the Red Oak Cafe planted a tree in their back in yard in honor of the child they lost. When they decided to open a restaurant they named it after that tree, which was a Red Oak. The Red Oak Cafe was born and the folks of League City, Texas have been enjoying it ever since.

Couple things that they have going for them are their amazing pancakes. They allow you to fill in the pancakes with anything you like. Whether it's strawberries, bacon, sausage, or anything else you want.

They offer a challenge as well for all you big eaters. Finish 6 of their pancakes in 30 minutes and you get them for free. Add two more pancakes, making the total 8, finish in 30 minutes, and they'll name the pancake challenge after you.

The other thing they're known for, and this is a bit odd, is their bathrooms. Awhile back someone posted a post-it on the wall with a positive note, and ever since the idea has caught on. Don't be surprised if you see people taking selfies in the toilet.



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