The Lone Star State comes up second in a new report on the growing worker trend of telecommuting. For those who don't know, telecommuting means people working from their home - or anywhere - via their computer as opposed to going into the office.

As published in Forbes, "the population of U.S. workers who do telework and are not self-employed grew by 102% in the past 11 years and nowadays 2.8% of the workforce does its job from home at least some of the time."

Do people who telecommute actually get dressed as they would if they were going to the office?  I may be a slob, but T-shirt and boxer shorts is the way to go if all you're doing is staying home and working on the computer. That sounds like paradise!

Maybe that's why, according to the same data, "80% to 90% of the US workforce says they would like to telework at least part time."

Maybe I'll start doing the morning show from my living room! (Actually, that's been done before.)