Two parents in Katy, Texas believe their 2-year-old son's light-up shoe may be responsible for a fire that burned the inside of their SUV.

Attila and Jovan Virag told KHOU-TV they called the Harris County Fire Marshall's Office Saturday morning after a small fire burned a hole through the floor of their vehicle and melted a passenger seat.

The Virags believe a lithium battery inside one of their 2-year-old son Warren's 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates" light-up shoes may have sparked the blaze. The Fire Marshall's Office hasn't officially ruled on the cause of the fire, but officials say the couple may be right.

"There just wasn't anything in there to start a fire," Jovan told KHOU. "Only shoes and clothes."

Attila told KHOU half of one of the shoe was burned away, leaving nothing but a charred battery and wiring.

The couple said they purchased the shoes from Payless. The company had not issued a statement as of Monday afternoon, but the shoe seems to have been removed from their online inventory.

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