It could be one for the record books! The World's Largest Car Wash could soon be located in Katy, Texas!

A Katy, Texas Buc-ee's was supposed to open this spring, but that's been delayed by a proposed 255-foot-long tunnel. Buc-ee's executives have reportedly been in touch with representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm that this will be the world's largest car wash.

KHOU reports that the 255-foot-long car wash tunnel is being built next to a brand-new Buc-ee’s on I-10 at Cane Island Parkway. Along with the super-wash, the new Buc-ee's will feature 120 pumping stations.

According to KHOU, there is an organization that tracks car washes across the globe called the International Car Wash Association. While they don't keep track of the size of car wash facilities, they do currently note the busiest car wash in the world is located in Germany. A car wash that cleans over half a million cars each year is thought to be the busiest wash on earth.

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