The first responsibility of a police officer is to protect and serve, and two Temple Police Department officers have been nominated for a special award for doing just that.

Shortly after 9 PM Sunday, Officers Emily LaBruzzo and Bryan Pedigo responded to a report of a person standing on the railing of the East Avenue H Bridge.

When they arrived, they met a 15-year-old girl who was experiencing an emotional crisis.

Officer LaBruzzo spoke with the girl and tried to talk her down from the ledge. While LaBruzzo had the girl's attention, Officer Pedigo was able to take hold of the girl by the waist and pull her back to safety.

"These two officers did an excellent job working together to resolve this situation and save this young woman's life," Interim Police Chief Jim Tobin said Tuesday. "We are proud to have such dedicated, quick-thinking officers serving our community."

Officers LaBruzzo and Pedigo have been nominated for the Temple Police Department's Life-Saving Award, and it certainly sounds like they deserve it. A young person with their entire life ahead of them is still with us because of their actions.

If you find yourself struggling with suicidal thoughts or urges, please reach out to your loved ones, a counselor, or someone with your place of worship if you attend one. You are not alone, and your life is meaningful and valuable.

You can also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline day or night at 1-800-273-8255,, or

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