Positive thoughts normally don't come to mind when I hear or read about fraternities. Maybe it's because I wasn't in a frat when I was in school. Maybe it's because a few bad apples show up and make a bad name for these 'families' of college students. But one Texas A&M fraternity helped turn a scary weekend for parents into a miracle.

Pi Kappa Phi, Flickr
Pi Kappa Phi, Flickr

A 7-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism went missing this past Saturday night. The boy, Collin McChristy, was last seen November 5 in College Station and a large search party was formed to find the child. Despite the heavy search, there was no luck.

But the following morning Collin turned up at the Pi Kappa Phi house, which is less than a mile away from the child's home. Frat member Clayton Chapin was first to see the boy and make the connection to call the police. He saw Collin's 'missing child' photo on Twitter.

Chapin told NBC News:

He walked right through this little walk way and sat right here. I guess he saw the Xbox and TV and guess he decided he wanted to hang out in this room.

The police arrived almost immediately when Chapin called. He noted that when he drove by the home later on Sunday he saw the child's parents embracing Collin - a beautiful ending to what could have been a very bad weekend.

Afterwards, I was driving towards Highway 6 and I guess I was passing the house where the child wandered from because all of the police officers were there, and when I strolled by, I saw the parents giving their son a hug in the front yard so it really made me feel great about it,


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