A San Antonio animal lover has become a hero to people around the world after refusing to give up on a goldfish with a disorder that kept him from floating.

In an interview with KENS-TV, Darek Burnett, manager of Aquarium Designs in San Antonio, said the fish suffers from a bladder disorder likely caused by fancy breeding. A customer brought the little guy in when she realized there was a problem and she couldn't take proper care of him.

According to KENS, Burnett has a background in marine biology and tried feeding the fish a special diet, but when that didn't help, he used scraps from around his shop to create a device that would help the fish float.

The "wheelchair" he constructed is made up of airline tubing and connectors, plant weights, zip ties, and some Styrofoam pieces.

"[The fish] went from being upset, stuck on the bottom to be swimming around and zipping around," Burnett told KENS. "His tail got to going super fast. This is the happiest I've seen him since we've had him in our possession."

Taylor Nicole Dean. Dean, who lives in the area, posted to Twitter to tell the world about Burnett's kindness. The story was picked up by
BuzzFeed, and how the little fish who could is world famous.

Just look at that little fish, how happy he looks, and how happy his story has made countless people. It just goes to show that one act of decency can bring light to the entire world.

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