If you've seen some strange art in Texas, it just might be from Bob "Daddy-O" Wade.

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Tango Frogs in Dallas, Giant Boots in San Antonio, Dinosaur Bob in Abilene, if you've seen any of these, then you've seen the art of Bob "Daddy-O" Wade. He's currently working in Austin - surely a prime cog in the Keep Austin Weird campaign. But what would you expect from a man who was dubbed, a "pioneer of Texas Funk and connoisseur of Southwestern kitsch," by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Wade went to UT in Austin from 1961 to 1965. It was here that he got the nickname Daddy-O because of his slicked back hair and '51 Ford hot rod. From Austin he went west to Berkeley where he earned a Masters in painting.

He then came back to Texas to make art and teach. He did that in Waco, Dallas, and Denton. He also helped create the Oak Cliff Four with George Green, Jack Mims, and Jim Roch. A small art community in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.

He's had some famous pieces in some famous places. His 40 foot long Giant Iguana sat on top of the Lone Star Cafe in New York City, before being moved to the Fort Worth Zoo.

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