Last week, I mentioned how my electric bill was almost $4,000 from my former electric provider Griddy due to the snowstorm we experienced.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office filed a suit Monday against the wholesale power retailer, alleging that the company misled customers with deceptive advertising and marketing practices.

I was one of the victims!

While I didn't panic, I expected some type of legal move to be made against the company. It's good to see that my assumption was correct.

It seems as if there were other people experiencing this same issue. In fact, one woman was charged $10,000 with the same company.

In another example, a household paying $2 a day for electricity was ultimately charged $640 per day.

Where in the world is that right?

Griddy explained on their website what happened and how they intend to "fight this for, and alongside, [their] customers for equity and accountability" - this referring to the outrageous price spikes that happened while millions of Texans were without power.

I'm sure many of you share a thought I've been having since getting that giant bill in my inbox: I hope they don't expect customers to pay these outrageous prices.

Meanwhile, Waco's Brazos Electric Power Cooperative has filed for Chapter 11 financial restructuring in response to a $1.8 billion bill it received from ERCOT after February's winter storm. In a statement issued Monday, March 1, the company said it "cannot and will not foist this catastrophic financial event" onto its members and customers.

 According to their website, Brazos Electric is the largest generation and transmission cooperative in Texas. While they're in a tough position now thanks to last month's energy catastrophe, it's nice to see them taking steps to try to protect their customers.

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