Can a party really be considered a success if the cops aren't called?

Officers with the Carrollton Police Department recently responded to a call about a loud party. When they arrived, a woman greeted them on the front lawn, told them her family was celebrating her cousin's graduation, and invited the officers to the backyard for dancing and food.

The "reluctant rookie" cop wasn't so sure it was a good idea, but his partner wasn't about to pass up a good time.

Bodycam of the encounter was uploaded to the Carrollton PD's Facebook page with the caption, "We get "invited" to the greatest parties...". They aren't kidding. That backyard bash had a live band, beautiful women, and what I can only imagine was some great homemade food!

Responses to the video have been mostly positive, congratulating the officers on their positive discretion and community policing. In fact, the graduate's dad hopped into the comment section to express his thanks to the officers for not busting up the party.

This is the side of policing we don't get to see very often. Sadly, these situations can become tense confrontations that end in tragedy, and that's the video we usually see.

Kudos to both the officers and the party people for handling the situation with grace a civility.

Now, how I do get invited to the next party? 'Cause that looked fun!

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