We've all had it happen to us once before. That cheap bottle of whiskey/vodka -whatever you can get your hands on when you live with your parents - is bound to be discovered by our parents.

While 16-year-old Elainey was on vacation away from the 'rents, her father found a bottle of Fireball Whiskey in her sock drawer. Instead of flipping his switch (because face it, what can they do from far away), he sent her a video.

First he said some pleasantries, but then he got down to brass tacks.

In the video, he went on to talk about news reports saying people have been breaking into homes and planting liquor bottles in unsuspecting victims' bedrooms. But if this wasn't the case, she had some explaining to do.

There's no final word on what her punishment was, but three cheers for the Texas dad who kept his cool and showed off that lone star state humor.

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