Look, it's science. According to data compiled by WalletHub, the fattest city in the United States of America is in Texas. Where did Killeen-Temple rank? We didn't. Guess we're just a little too Kil-Lean for the list, at least Temple-rarily. Maybe next year we'll start having to worrying about leaving the house with our Belton.

Actually, they only compiled data on the top 100 metros in population, and KT is just outside that at #115. Brownsville is also not much farther at #131. Oddly enough, Corpus Christi (the home of Whataburger) wasn't ranked, so guess WalletHub forgot about them like everyone else does. As one of the fastest growing metros, we may reach new Harker Heights next year.

In fact, 4 of the 28 fattest cities are in Texas, with all 6 of our largest metros finishing in the top 63. Which Texas city do you think is #1 in the USA? This is by no means only a Texas sized problem. The article also cited that the number of overweight American adults that are statistically obese has surpassed 40%. Also, the argument could be made that Louisiana is the fattest state, with 3 inside the top 12, and 4 in the top 27.

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Just how fat is Texas?

Well, let me just say that I wrote this article while eating a ginormous plate of shepherd's pie. Before we jump into the gallery of our cities ranked of least to most fat, put on your stretchy pants and grab a snack. Also, the belly in the photos below is mine, so let's just say I'm doing my part to keep Texas #1.

Texas Fattest Cities

Based on data collected by WalletHub, Texas has the fattest city in America.

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