Everybody knows what a cookie is, right? It's a little baked piece of Heaven that you can watch cook on the dashboard of your truck on an average summer day in Texas.

It seems like there's an endless list of the types and varieties of these little sugary bites, but only one can prevail as our state's favorite. With 50 states, there's potential for overlap, or maybe even a cookie you've never heard of.

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So who helped pick the favorite state cookies?

Eat This, Not That! talked about a recent survey done by Nestlé Toll House. With feedback from folks in each state, the favorite cookies began to make their sugary selves known. One cookie began to show its superiority very quickly.

Chocolate Chip cookies appeared on the list multiple times, which isn't surprising. I mean, who doesn't love a classic chocolate chip cookie? But we're not here to discuss other states, just one particular one: The Lone Star State.

What is Texas' favorite cookie?

Drum roll please: The favorite cookie of is Texas none other than...The Cowboy Cookie!

Wait...hold on - you were expecting chocolate chip, weren't you? Honestly, us too. The article details the selection like this:

"There's no better cookie to represent the Lone Star State. Cowboys are hearty cookies made with oatmeal, chocolate, chips, pecans, coconut, and brown sugar."

This might be a bad time to admit this, but I've actually never had a cowboy cookie. Maybe this will be the time to officially try one?

Do you agree with Texans choice of cookie? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app.

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