Halloween is just over a month away, and that means boils and ghouls will soon come rapping on your chamber door trick-or-treating. If you want to be the most popular house on the block, you'll find the information below quite helpful.

The folks at candystore.com have once again released their list of each state's most popular Halloween candy. In Texas, Reese's peanut butter cups and Starburst fruit chews always seem to butt heads. Last year Starburst emerged victorious, but the numbers indicate 2018 is Reese's year.

Clair Robins with candystore.com reports that Texans consumed over 1,100,000 pounds of Reese's cups last year. Granted we're a big state, but man! Where did all that peanut butter come from?!

And we're not alone. Reese's took the #4 slot when it came to most popular candy nationwide, just behind Skittles at #1, M&M's at #2, and Snickers at #3.

Starburst was #5, proving we're not the only state where Reese's and Starburst have duked it out.


The stats are great to see, especially since Reese's are my personal favorite. But more than anything, I'm just glad to see Halloween is still thriving.


Below is table featuring each state's top candies.

Did your favorite candy come out on top in Texas? If not, what's your favorite and why do you think it should be #1? Let us know in the comments.