In the town of Port Author, Texas is the childhood home of American Music Icon Janis Joplin. The home comes with a Texas Historical Commission marker outside confirming the rock and blues legend once lived there. Let's take a look from the outside!


When the Joplin family moved into the Port Arthur home, Janis was only in pre-school. The historical 1,500 square foot home is described as well maintained, and the current owners have kept many of the Joplin features in and around the home intact.

Tax appraisal information places the value around $52,500 dollars but the price on the market is set at $500,000 due to its historical significance. The current owners name and information has not been released to the public. The home includes a garage with an efficiency apartment and full bath inside. It's got a big back yard so make sure you bring your lawn mower. Those interested in the home should know that this is a "cash only" sale and can only be toured after proof of funds.

Before being placed up for sale, the Museum of the Gulf Coast was asked if they'd be interested in taking over the house but turned down the offer. Now it could be yours! Like Janis used to say, "Get it while you can"!

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