The headline in the Los Angeles Times says it all.

No, Hillary Clinton is probably not going to win Texas.  It's not turning blue they say. The paper and its experts say that's even far-fetched looking into the not-so-distant future.

"Texas has long been a boneyard for Democratic ambitions. The party has not won a statewide office in more than 20 years. It's been four decades since a Democratic presidential candidate carried the Lone Star state."

The days of Ma Richards and the descendants of LBJ seem like an eternity ago.

Yes, the big cities are bigger and lean left. Yes there is widespread frustration with the GOP. What I don't see is the wholesale embracing by rank and file Texans of the Democrat platform. If anything, I see Texans wanting more adherence to conservative values. To some that means going full-on Trump, while others hold their nose.  Voting for Hillary is simply not an option for the majority of Texas Republicans.

Lots could happen: the Democratic Party could've just nudged their platform to align closer to the average Texan.  But they have no real reason to do that.  Right now it's a numbers game: how many more new voters, be at those moving to Texas and those growing up in Texas, to vote Democrat. If the GOP doesn't get their act together, they could lose their absolute dominance, if not their general consensus.