Officials in Kerr County, Texas say they put a stop to a planned mass shooting.

Investigators watched 28-year-old Coleman Thomas Blevins of Kerrville for about a week before moving in to make an arrest. They say he planned to carry out a mass shooting at a Walmart store.
According to the Kerr County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, investigators made contact and conversed with Mr. Blevins, confirming his affiliation and networking with extremist ideologies.
Last Thursday, May 27th, Kerr County Special Operations Division intercepted a message saying that Blevins was preparing to proceed with a specific threat that included Wal-Mart.
Kerr County worked with the FBI and confirmed Mr. Blevins’ capability of following through with the threat and moved immediately to arrest him.
After the arrest, they obtained a search warrant for Mr. Blevins’ residence and found a number of alarming items ranging from firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, concentrated THC, radical ideology paraphernalia that includes books, flags, and handwritten documents that have all been seized.
If you look closely at the items found in Blevins' home, you can see a copy of The Turner Diaries. It's a book about a future race war popular among white nationalists.
Blevins is already on felony probation and cannot possess any firearms. He is now in custody in Kerr County Jail on a $250,000 bond.
Other authorities like the FBI may seek more federal charges.
Thankfully they were able to stop this individual from committing a heinous crime. My question is, where are the others like him?

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