A 19-year-old who plowed through a Walmart store in San Angelo Thursday was reportedly trying to run over his girlfriend after a fight.

KTXS-TV reports that Caleb Wilson of Eldorado had been shopping at the store with his girlfriend shortly after midnight when the two got into a fight. A customer reportedly tried to calm the situation and advised the woman to go back into the store.

What happened next was sheer insanity.

Nothing good happens at Walmart after midnight.

The customer and Wilson's (hopefully ex)girlfriend went to see if Wilson had left. That's when Wilson sped toward them in his truck. Thankfully he missed his targets, but that didn't stop him from driving his Dodge Ram 2500 pickup far into the store itself.

Witnesses reported hearing screams and employees shouting at people to move and make their way to emergency exits.

By the time police arrived, Wilson was driving his damaged truck out of the store. He gave a short chase before stopping at a nearby gas station, where he was taken into custody. Police had to pull the station's emergency pump shutoff switch because fuel was leaking from Wilson's vehicle.

Arresting officers says Wilson was in a state of "exited delirium", and may have been intoxicated. He reportedly became combative with hospital staff as well.

I've always said, "Nothing good happens at Walmart after midnight." Where's the lie?

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