USA Today published a list Wednesday of the most searched Super Bowl recipe in each state. Surprise, surprise - Texans were looking up chili recipes. It's only natural! I mean, it's our official state food.

As I made my way down the list, everything seemed to make perfect sense (plenty of chili, chicken and pizza recipes), and I even chuckled at Idaho, where "potato recipe" was the top search term.

When I got to Mississippi, I made a sound not dissimilar Tim Allen's famous grunt of confusion from 'Home Improvement'.

According to data painstakingly gathered by the folks at USA Today, Mississippi's top search term for Super Bowl treats was...

..."green beans with beef broth recipe".

Green beans.

With beef broth.

Look, far be it from me to judge anyone's tastes (I routinely eat peanut butter and Dorito sandwiches), but I can't imagine nomming on green beans in beef broth while watching the Big Game. It sounds more like something a baseball player would eat as part of a superstitious pre-game ritual.

But hey, to an entire state their own.

Check out the full list at, and godspeed, Mississippi.

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