The New Year is right around the corner! As we finish off shopping with all those Christmas gift cards, thoughts of New Year's Resolutions are becoming top of mind.

The website asked 1000+ people across the country about their 2019 resolutions and found the top answers in each state and how the compared to our answers from this time last year. The most popular answer for 2019 is that Texans are looking to get into better shape with 47% answering with exercise as their focus for 2019. Saving money, travel, and making new friends round out the top 4 answers.

Texas’ 2019 New Year's Resolutions:

Exercise 47%

Save Money 32%

Travel 18%

New Friends 16%

We see some pretty typical answers for 2019 as compared to last year. Exercise was the top answer in Texas in 2018 as well.

With this in mind, expects items like FitBit, and Apple Watch to be pretty popular items in the new year. Texans are expected to be hitting up travel websites as well. Lots of deals are out there for the new year at places like Hotwire, Airbnb, Viator, and Groupon.


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