The beauty above is a Crotalus lepidus, better known as a Rock Rattlesnake. Ain't it pretty?

The photo was shared by Texas Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday, July 11. The danger noodle was spotted cooling off near a door at Wyler Aerial Tramway Park in El Paso.

Hey, snakes gotta get shade too.

According to TP&W, the snake was about 2 feet long. I think the fact that we're hardwired to freak out when we see snakes makes him look way bigger, but man, what a gorgeous specimen.

TP&W's advice if you ever come across one of these at one of our state parks? Just give it some space and walk away. Sounds like a good plan to me. Besides, all wildlife is protected at Texas' state parks.

And it's not like these little guys just exist to terrorize us. They eat other snakes and play an important role in our ecosystem. They're also non-aggressive unless physically harassed, so killing them outside of an extreme self-defense situation would be a shame.

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