Back in 2014, Huston-Tillotson science professor Jeff Wilson gained a modicum of fame by living in a dumpster to teach his students about efficiency and minimalist living. He apparently had a lot of time to think in his dingy dumpster digs, and has since designed a line of tiny but technologically power-packed homes being manufactured in Austin.

Wilson calls the design Kasita - inspired by "casita", which is Spanish for "small house". He told KVUE-TV that his iPhone, which I'm sure was his only company in that dumpster, inspired him to create a home that would utilize every inch of space and pack features into a compact and sleek design.

Tech features include windows that dim or clear on command, a TV that slides in and out of view depending on when its needed, and customized ambient settings, all controlled by an app. They'll be on display at this year's South by Southwest festival in Austin, so look for them if you have a chance to head down there.

Each 352 square foot house costs about $139,000, and there are plans in the works to build racks upon which to stack the homes like portable apartments.

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