After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waxed melancholy about the passing of Fidel Castro, and President Obama released an unemotional, matter-of-fact statement n the passing of the Cuban Communist Dictator, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R), himself a son of a Cuban exile, basically let the two leaders have it.

He was not alone. Cruz's colleague and former Presidential opponent Marco Rubio (R-Florida) who is also descended from Cuban escapees has been all over TV and the web. He did not mince words.

Earlier, Rubio sounded a more positive tone.

Communism sucks. These two guys know why. There are those who look the other way because Castro supposedly expressed solidarity with the civil rights movement. I say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And when it came to human rights, Castro was right even less than that.

If anyone has a right to be glad right now, it's America's Cuban population.

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