A possible "Creepers" dream. It's My Friend Cayla and she's recording your child.

Three advocate groups are asking for help from the FTC. They've put forth a petition to check on the doll My Friend Cayla.

It seems there's a couple of issues. First, they claim that the doll maker didn't put any protection from hackers into the doll. So anyone with a bluetooth could potentially hack in and spy on your children.

Second, the advocates want to know what is being done with your child's voice. You see, the way the doll works is, your kids talk to it. Those conversations go through an app or smart device. Then it's sent to Nuance Communications where the recordings are stored on the cloud. The advocates want to know what happens then. Could advertisers use the audio for their commercials? No one seems to know.

And again, they claim the toy has no hacking protections. So it's possible someone with a Bluetooth could hack in and talk to your child. That alone should set off your "Creep" detector enough to leave this toy on the shelf.