When you hear the word "Pastor,"  it should remind you of a shepherd who keeps watch over his flock, tending to the sheep with love and kindness. The words pasture and pastoral are closely intertwined. The image of the "Lamb of God" is strong in the meaning on the term.

That's not the impression I get when I see the so-called pastor in the story.

David Grisham, who claims to be with a church in the Amarillo area, took it upon himself to go to the mall and tell a line of little kids waiting to see Santa Claus that the legend known as Kris Kringle is not real. It goes as you think it would.

How unbelievably cruel!  Nice to see some parents stepping up to counter this kind of display.  What this guy really is is a sociopath. Only someone with a twisted mind would justify this behavior towards innocent children by utilizing his view of scripture. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus attack children. It's pure arrogance and mean.

And I use the term sociopath because this guy has done this kind of activity before. This is a common tactic, painting with bold strokes in an attempt to gain attention. Ostensibly, it's to gain attention towards the message of the gospel.  The real truth as I see it, is that this man is addicted to the attention and utilizes his religious mission as a cover for his desire to be seen.  A true Christlike person would know what humility is all about, what loving kindness is all about, and how to eschew vulgar ploys for the media spotlight.

He's also gone after Santa before, as uncovered by the Dallas Morning News. As it turns out, he's even posted a video of his group, Repent Amarillo, executing Santa Claus. What a joyous holiday image.

Every year, someone has to complain about the holiday. This year it's been rather muted, probably because nothing can top the acidic rhetoric of the recent presidential race. But that didn't stop Pastor David.

He may not believe in reading any other book but the Bible, but I suggest Pastor David read Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People. Being contrarian and confrontational is not the method if he want to be successful in luring people to his cause.