How many of us really pay much attention when we get into our vehicle? For most, it's just routine: open the door, hop in, start 'er up, and go. But Teresa Dalby of Hughes Springs, Texas' story might have us looking a little closer before we get in from now on.

Dalby was about to get into her pickup truck Monday when she came face-to-face with a snake. The critter had somehow wormed its way into the lining of the door. Fortunately it was a mostly harmless rat snake and not, say, a rattlesnake. Honestly though, who would care? Snake out of nowhere? Nope!

Because her designated snake wrangler (her husband) was out of town fishing, Dalby called the local sheriff to come get the snake. On Tuesday, she uploaded a picture of the little guy on Facebook, and the shares piled up. We say little guy, but imagine turning your head and seeing that in your face. It would look like a basilisk.

We're glad you're ok, Teresa!

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