The other day, in the middle of our work meeting, we all received those really loud alerts on our phones. You know which ones, the one that do that scary noise all loud and tell you, usually, that there's a missing child or elderly. Remember that one we received from the President that we all couldn't ignore? During the start of the pandemic, they really helped out to update the community on what was going on.

I think by this point, we all know what an "Amber alert" and a "Silver alert" are, those are the regular ones we usually see. However, the day of our meeting we all received a "Clear alert", to which all of us collectively asked "what the hell does that mean?!"

If you also aren't aware what a "clear event" means, don't worry, I did a bit of research and have found that, in Texas, there are six different missing person's alerts you may receive on your phone. Below are the different color/ individual missing person alert programs.

  • AMBER Alert
  • Blue Alert
  • Camo Alert
  • CLEAR Alert
  • Endangered Missing Persons Alert
  • Silver Alert
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According to The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), here are what each alert means:

Abducted child 17 years or younger in danger of sexual assault, death or serious bodily injury

Missing older adult with an impaired mental condition

Suspect who has either killed or seriously injured a law enforcement officer

Endangered Missing Person
Missing person with an intellectual disability or developmental disorder

Missing current/former service member with a documented mental illness

Missing adult ages 18-64 in imminent danger of bodily injury or death or the disappearance is involuntary

Now we all know what each color/missing person's alert means!

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