So the first Heat Advisory of the year is here and keepin' cool means thinkin' cool! So how about 50 pretty awesome sounding Milkshakes?

Spoon University claims to have found the greatest milkshake in all 50 states. It's interesting that over the last couple years when a new list of shakes is issued, the Texas winner has consistently been the same diner, and the same flavor. Consistency is key. It's cause it's a pretty awesome milkshake!

Spoon U deems the greatest milkshake in Texas is found down in Austin at 24 Diner (6th & Lamar). Its the Roasted Banana & Brown Sugar Shake! You wouldn't be the first person to do so if you order 2 shakes at 24 Diner. It's definitely a Lone Star favorite.

"Cut Out + Keep" picked the Roasted Banana & Brown Sugar Shake back in 2014. also thought it was pretty good back in February.

Even this real estate agent loved it back in March!


Everyone loves this shake! Be sure to make time to stop by Diner 24 next time your in Austin. Open 24 hours, six days a week, you'll be able to stop anytime for a Texas shake that's clearly just about everyone's favorite.

The complete list of the best milkshake in all 50 states can be found here. It makes us want to drink 49 more!