If you love to go outdoors for your daily hike or bike ride in Killeen, the city is asking you to stay clear of an area under construction that will improve your daily trek as soon as its completed.

According to a press release we received from Killeen Communications Director Hilary Shine, The City of Killeen is actively constructing Heritage Oaks Hike & Bike Trail in southeast Killeen. The public is advised to refrain from using the trail until construction is complete this summer.

The active construction area is unfinished and has heavy equipment in use making it dangerous to the public. Pavement, lighting and safety features must be completed. The entirety of the trail is closed and may not be used. - Hilary Shine

When complete this summer, the Heritage Oaks Hike & Bike Trail will run about 3.5 miles along the southern end of Rosewood Drive and follow Pyrite Drive and Trimmier Creek. It will feature a paved path with benches, lighting and other amenities. The regional trail will also connect to Purser Family Park in Harker Heights.

So just hang on in there for a few months and the Heritage Oaks Trail will be completed and it will be better than ever!

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