A new roundabout that's been under construction in Temple is set to open this Monday.

The roundabout is part of a project that is meant to help improve traffic flow around the Temple High School campus.

According to a Temple press release, this joint effort between the City of Temple and the Temple Independent School District will benefit vehicular and pedestrian traffic while also serving as a gateway into the City.

The roundabout will open up on Monday, August 31, and allow traffic to flow much better in and out of Temple High School.  Ongoing construction will continue nearby and is set to be finished in spring of 2021.

The plan for next phase of the project is to create a connection to I-35, as well as improvements to Jack White Street and Bray Street.  Once the project is complete, it will include lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian improvements.

“This is an exciting partnership between the City and TISD,” City Manager Brynn Myers said. “Not only will this project create practical transportation improvements, but it will hopefully become an aesthetic focal point for the area.”

"Drivers approaching the roundabout should yield to traffic already in the circle," City of Temple spokesman Cody Weems said Friday. "When it is safe, enter the roundabout and follow the loop in a counter-clockwise direction before making a right turn to exit the roundabout."

This is going to be a good thing for drivers in Temple, who may have already gotten some practice using the roundabout at South 13th and Avenue U near Scott & White Medical Center. I may have to go take a spin around the new roundabout next week.

Artist Rendering Courtesy of City of Temple
Artist Rendering Courtesy of City of Temple
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