You were either starving in college, or snacking in the Army, when you were first introduced to ramen noodles. Well, now you can reminisce all about it over a Cup O' Beer.

Up there in damn near Oklahoma, or what others would call Fort Worth, The Collective Brewing Project has brewed a flavor out of the noodles you either love or hate.

Houston Chronicle is reporting that Cup O' Beer, which is a sour Gose-Style brew, even has a label that rivals Cup O' Soup.

Those that have "dared the rapids", as it were, say their pallet was penetrated (phrasing) with waves of lemongrass, lime, ginger, and coriander. Yep, a cup of ramen in a bottle.

Boozy blog Vinepair figured out, or were told, that 55 pounds of ramen noodles were actually used to make the beer. So that's like a dollar-and-a-half worth a ramen, right?

The going rate for a bottle is $7. Thank God for mark-up. I ain't gonna pay that much for a ramen beer.

If you feel the need to take out a loan and get a case of Cup O' Beer, have a good time. The rest of us will pop a top on a brew we like and pour it over some real ramen noodles.

You overcharge us, we'll McGyver a way around you.


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