The Stars at night are even more big and bright in West Texas. (clap clap clap clap)

There's still a place to see the night sky like the first settlers of Texas saw it. In fact, you just might see the stars better, since, you know, they didn't get their vitamins.

Just pack up the mule, or your car or van, and head west young man, to the Fort Davis Mountains, and the McDonald Observatory.

Since 1939 the McDonald Observatory has been exploring the whole Galaxy. But it was back in 1985 with arrival of Haley's Comet, that many others discovered this pristine perch to peer in to space.

Now visitors numbers reach into the tens of thousands. Plus three nights a week the observatory throws a "Star Party", they'll take you a nice trek around the galaxy which is perfect for the folks who have been raised in the big city where the street lights shine so bright, the night sky goes away.