It was revealed that Candy Corn is the most popular Halloween candy in Texas and the backlash was IMMEDIATE! Our listeners sounded off about their dislike of the candy kernels in phone calls and comments on social media. Here's a snippet of what some of you had to say!

With that being said, I asked YOU to identify the WORST Halloween Candy out there and I already received some pretty rough and nasty answers. Let's look at the candies that will be filling up garbage cans and dumpsters on November 1 and sound off on our Facebook page!

  • 1

    Bit O' Honey

    Let's start with a candy as described by my man DJ Sprad as "Eat one of these and you risk losing a filling or tooth" and he's absolutely right! "Bit O' Honey" is described as "honey and almond flavored taffy", but its really a "honey flavored brick" and normally by the time you get these there's no way to tell how LONG the giver of these has had them.

    Courtesy of Wal-Mart
  • 2

    Orange Slices

    Where the last one lacked in actual taste, Orange slices make up for it in sheer volume. Slices aren't really that bad in terms of taste but they damn sure don't taste like an orange and the little sugar coating feels like your eating a gummi bear covered in sandpaper.

    Courtesy of Pinterest
  • 3

    Marshmallow Circus Peanuts

    What the hell are these? If you love peanuts, but actually hate the way peanuts taste or if you love marshmallows but wish they came in the shape of a peanut, then this pointless candy is the one for you and your confused taste buds.

  • 4

    Peanut Butter Kisses

    I can assure you these little things wrapped in orange and black wrappers WILL END UP IN THE GARBAGE on Halloween Night. Besides the fact that these are INSTANTLY identified by their plain orange and black packaging, these don't even taste like peanut butter, more like a hard taffy with no flavor. Expect to see the streets covered in these from Halloween until Christmas.

  • 5

    Necco Wafers

    Looking for a candy that not only tastes like chalk but can actually be used on a chalkboard, look no further than these atrocities. I call these "Candy Alka-Seltzers" because that's what they taste like.

    Courtesy of Necco