If you've never worked retail let me go ahead and tell you, it can be hell, especially during the holiday season.

You would think people would be extra nice and full of joy, but it's actually the exact opposite. People are stressed and you do not want to be in their path when something doesn't go as expected.

As the years pass, more and more stores are moving black Friday sales to Thanksgiving Day! A lot of corporations simply do not care if you planned to spend time with family or friends, and they'll insist that you work, or worse make it mandatory!

In a time where most stores will be open and promoting their black Friday sales, there are a few stores that have decided that their employees are more important. If you see one of your favorite stores on the list, don't be upset that they will not be open. Instead be thankful that those employees had the chance to spend some time with their loved ones. According to theblackfriday.com, the following stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 28.

  1. Army and Airforce Exchange  Service (AAFES)
  2. Academy Sports
  3. Ace Hardware
  4. AT&T
  5. Barnes & Noble
  6. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  7. Burlington
  8. Cost Plus World Market
  9. Dillard's
  10. Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW)
  11. Dress Barn
  12. Guitar Center
  13. H&M
  14. Half-price books
  15. Harbor Freight
  16. HEB
  17. Hobby Lobby
  18. Homegoods
  19. Home Depot
  20. Ikea
  21. Joanne
  22. Lowe's
  23. Marshall's
  24. Mattress Firm
  25. Office Depot
  26. Office Max
  27. Pier 1
  28. Petco
  29. Petsmart
  30. Sam's Club
  31. Staples
  32. Tractor Supply
  33. TJ Maxx

Do you think more stores should close for Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? Have you worked in retail during the holidays? Let us know in the comments.


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