So how will big box stores handle the upcoming Black Friday shopping rush? I'm not sure what others are doing, but Walmart has announced its plan.

Walmart doesn't want its annual Black Friday stampede this year. You know, where people will get trampled and coronavirus at the same time. So their plan is to cut down on crowds . . . by holding three Black Fridays in their stores instead.  Maybe those will all have smaller, more socially distanced stampedes?

So here it is - mark your calendars and get ready, 'cause the first Walmart Black Friday is Saturday, November 7th. I know what you're thinking: "Is this a Black Friday or a Black Saturday?" Technically it's a Black Saturday, but this is Walmart we're talking about here, so if they want Black Friday on a Saturday, they can have it on a Saturday.

So the Black Friday (on Saturday), November 7th will feature sales on toys, electronics, and home products.

The next Black Friday is, once again, on a Saturday - November 14th. That Black Friday (on Saturday) sale will feature computers, movies, and music.

The 3rd of three Black Friday sales event is on the day itself - Friday, November 27th. It'll feature more great savings on electronics, toys, apparel, and home goods, as well as seasonal décor favorites.

If you prefer online shopping, then keep in mind that each of these three Black Fridays will be preceded by online deals three days prior to the actual day. For example, online sales start on November 4th for the in-store specials for November 7th.

There it is people. Try not to hurt each other!

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