There's a reason Georgetown is the least expensive city for utilities in Central Texas. And it's about to cost even less.

Despite its location - in the middle of oil country - Georgetown will become the largest city in the United States powered by 100 percent green energy. Powered by solar and wind, clean energy, it is expected to diminish costs for 60,000 of Georgetown's residents.

Despite a conservative mindset within the community, Mayor Dale Ross expressed the importance of the local economy. Ross explains that the decision is good for the city. With 97 windmills powering the city and a solar farm in the process of being built, it just makes economic sense.

However, it's not without opposition.

This is a very conservative community and a conservative county. We were accused of being some Al Gore clones.

- City Utilities Manager Jim Briggs

Mayor Ross said he believes leaders should make decisions that's based on citizens.

This wasn't decided whether you were Republican or Democrat or liberal or a conservative. This was a decision that would be good for the city not only in the first year... but year 25.