Have you had your car broken into and live in either Killeen, Cove, Temple, or Nolanville?
If so, chances are the police got the crooks!
Three people were recently arrested after police say they fled the scene of a car burglary in Nolanville. According to investigators, they've since been linked to several burglaries across Central Texas.
One of the suspects, Chelsea Smith, was arrested back in early December at a Killeen home where two stolen vehicles were found parked.
According to the Killeen Daily Herald, last Thursday a call was made to Nolanville police about a suspicious person inside one of their neighbor's vehicles.
On the way to the scene, Nolanville Police tried to stop a car that matched the description of the suspect's vehicle.
A short police chase ensued when the female driver attempted to flee. Bell County deputies were able to use a spike strip to stop the vehicle near Main Street in Belton. The driver and a passenger were arrested, but another passenger, identified as Esequiel Morales, tried to run. Police caught up with him a short time later and took him into custody.
Two of the three suspects -  Morales and Smith - remained in the Bell County Jail early Monday afternoon.
KXXV-TV reports that detectives have linked items found in the vehicle to a number of active burglary cases, and investigators are working on inventorying it all and identifying the owners.
So, if your car or house was broken into recently and some items are missing, there's a chance you could get a call soon.

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